KR Multicase custom cut trays update

KR Multicase have added their custom cut trays to all of their online stores.

From their announcement:

The updates to the shops for our new custom cut trays are now complete and the EU and International sites are now uploaded. You can find the custom cut trays for your location here:

UK: EU: International

Prices for this new range follow the same simple KR philosophy of one price for a case including any combination of trays (F, N, V, D, and L format) and postage too.

Many thanks for all the comments too. We have revised the page and added downloadable pdf files for each army now. You can now download and print out a single sheet showing the custom trays and the corresponding vehicles which fit in each one

The modular custom tray system we have designed enables you to create a unique tray and case set to suit your specific army. Each army has a detailed picture set with descriptions, and our TrayCreatorTM application to assist you in deciding the best layout. You can create a tray from its components to suit your personal needs – no constraints on a large pre-formatted tray!

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