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KR Multicase – Blood Bowl Cases and Trays

KR Multicase has new foam trays designed to carry your Blood Bowl teams.
I really need to get my Pangaea Punishers back out onto the pitch again.

From the announcement:

As the KR Aquilla range has become the most popular case for Bloodbowl and other Fantasy Football games, so we are pleased to have added 2 great custom trays for the players. Easily carry 15 regular players, and 6 larger players in 1 case with the custom tray BB2. It is designed such that if you have less large players then the regular size players will fit too within the cleverly designed extendable compartments.

Easily carry your complete team, or even teams, in any of the large range of cases that we offer, for example –

Aquilla1 carries 25 players (M4H tray)
Aquilla1 carries 15 players, 6 large players (BB2 tray)
Aquilla5 carries 50 players (2x M4H trays)
Aquilla5 carries 40 players, 6 large players (M4H, BB2 trays)
Aquilla3 carries(30 players, 12 large players plus the pitch (2x BB2 trays)
Aquilla4 carries 50 players, 15 large players (D2H, 2xM4H trays)

As ever you can see how the modular KR system easily allows you to customise which trays you need for your teams to get the perfect set up for your collection.

And for gamers with lots of teams you can have -
Small Card case to carry 100 players (4x M4H trays)
Small aluminium case to carry 60 players, 18 large players (3x BB2 trays)

Interchange trays with the rest of the KR system, and you can be confident of the best protection for your miniatures.