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KR Multicase also at Salute

KR Multicase is also headed to Salute (gee... everyone's going but me, it seems). Here's what they have in store:

We will launch our new small case – a half size card case - at the end of April, and will have some to bring to Salute for those of you who want to get one early. It is half the width but the same height as a standard case and is ideal for organising your armies in combination with the modular KR Multicase system. Carry 100 troops in one, a troop/vehicle combo (eg. a landraider, 2 dreadnoughts and 18 terminators), a full Dystopian wars fleet, or even simply your special models like a couple of drop pods

The KR Tyranid custom trays are due out at the end of the month and will have some sets and trays at the show, drop by and see them - as usual the unique KR designs with soft foam and hard cases means that your will carry more in a case and have the best protection possible for your models.

And we will have a Prestige Case for the Tyranid Hierophant as well as one for the Tau Manta – yes the 40k size one – if have built one you will know how much you want to protect it when transporting it to a game – drop by and see them both at the KR stand TK02.