KR Multicase add Select by Brand option

KR Multicase have added a “Select By Brand” option to their online store.

From their announcement:

We are pleased to announce the initial upload of our website update is now complete. The UK is first to get this update, the EU and International sites will follow shortly.

You can now pick your cases and trays from our updated shop menu covering the full range of KR products.

The major revision is the “select by brand” option. You can now pick your case and trays by selecting your army brand from the menu. eg Flames of War, Warmachine Malifaux, GW (all of 40K down to individual armies!), and so on.

More brands from the popular miniature manufacturers will be added over the next few weeks, as well as an extended option to pick by army scale and figure type.

If you are a figure manufacturer or gamer and would like a particular range added let us know.

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Many thanks