KR Multicase – New Aluminium case

KR Multicase has new aluminum carrying cases to keep your models save and snug and cozy.

From the release:

The KR half width card case is already a very popular case, and now you can get the same great half width case in aluminium too. It is the same design and material as the standard aluminium case – just half the width – so is perfect for Dystopian Wars, Infinity, Malifaux, Bloodbowl, and any skirmish games. Or simply for an expansion of your current army. For example carry 100 troops, or a troop/vehicle combo (eg. a landraider, 2 dreadnoughts and 18 terminators), or even your special models like a couple of drop pods.

It is ideal for organising your miniature collection in combination with the modular KR Multicase system of cases. They are available in black or silver and with any of the KR half width trays. The innovative twin opening lid design means that access to your miniatures is simple and easy, and each case has a lockable clasp on the top, as well as self adhesive label holder so you can easily label the case.

They supplement the KR range and provide you with the perfect solution for carrying smaller armies, gaming accessories or even a set of paints and tools. Add a whole new level of versatility in carrying your army in the safest way.

The KR system is based around the philosophy of “soft foam for figures, hard cases for soft foam”. Gamers usually have to accept hard foam and hard tray bases as other transport systems for miniature figures require this hard foam/tray base combination due to the need to stack trays in tall piles in a soft outer bag. This inevitably leads to damage and paint scuffs when models contact the hard grey foam. KR’s soft blue foam gives you all round protection.

And of course when not in use your army is stored safely and dust free wherever you want – on a shelf, under the bed, on top of a cupboard, and is easily labelled with the contents too, so you can find organise your armies with ease with KR.