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Kort'thalis Publishing Running Adventure Writing Contest

Many of you out there have been in charge of an RPG game before. Be it GM or DM or whatever other title you want to call it, you've written your own adventures for your players. Well, over at Kort'thalis Publishing, they're celebrating the success of their adventure writing guide, Adventure Writing like a F---- Boss, by having an adventure writing contest. The winner will get $500 and have their adventure turned into a genuine product on Drive Thru RPG.

About the contest:

My latest guide in the "like a fucking boss" series, Adventure Writing like a F----- Boss is still #1 on DriveThruRPG. I'm equally blown away and grateful to the entire RPG community (especially my OSR brothers and sisters) for the success of this book.

In order to facilitate the magic contained therein, I'm organizing an adventure writing contest. The details are below...

5 - 7 pages of one-shot scenario text showcasing the fundamentals you learned from reading Adventure Writing like a Fucking Boss.
Anything in the following genres: scifi, space opera, science fantasy, fantasy, post-apocalypse, investigative horror, action/adventure pulp, supernatural horror.
Submit the adventure on November 1st, 2017.
The winner will be declared on November 25th and will receive $500 via paypal.
Kort'thalis Publishing will supply the art, editing, and layout required to make the winning adventure PDF as awesome as possible.
Kort'thalis Publishing will publish the adventure for FREE on OBS on January 11th, 2018.