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Konflikt '47 Boot Camp Coming this August

Konflikt '47 is still a pretty new game. I really only remember seeing figures on tables for the first time at Gen Con last year. So that means it's coming up to its 1 year anniversary, of sorts. Well, for those that want to get into the game and become better generals, Warlord Games is holding a Boot Camp event at their Store HQ this August.

From the announcement:

The first Konflikt ’47 HQ Store Boot Camp is coming at you this summer, the 12th of August!

Get a full day of games, fun and, of course, destruction! To get in on the action, you have to get either of these two ticket options. The first one, the Trooper Ticket, will grant you access to the Boot Camp, just bring your own troops Whilst the second, Officer ticket will grant you access AND you can get a starter set of your choice!