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"Komodo"Carapace Armoured Suit now available from Antenocitis Workshop

Antenocitis Workshop released their new Komodo Armored Suit. Looks pretty sturdy to me.

From the release:

The "Komodo" Personal Assault Suit is now available cast in metal for £15.99 (£13.33 ex VAT)

The model comes with 4 alternate weapons, Gatling Gun, Grenade Launcher, Coil Gun and Flamer, all of which can be inter-changed between arms, and also a 4-finger grapple for the left arm.

The figure stands approximately 42mm tall and is styled for 28mm sci-fi gaming.

There are discounts for multiples so you can get the Komodo for as little as £14.00 (£11.66 ex VAT)

There are some size comparison shots on the blog here including a picture with a 15mm infantry figure for those thinking of using it for a 15mm Mech: