Kolaps Ground Zero Rebooted on Indiegogo

Kolaps Ground Zero is a new sci-fi miniatures skirmish game using 40mm miniatures that's back up on Indiegogo after regrouping an re-evaluating their product. Players fight in a post-apocalyptic Europe with themes from horror, sci-fi, cyberpunk, and even mythology. They've made it over their funding goal (it was only €650, but they're still over it) and still have 19 days to go.
Note: the page is in French, as is the game, but English is coming soon.


From the campaign:

KOLAPS GROUND ZERO is a tactical skirmish game with 40mm miniatures set in a near and dystopian future of our Europe. The universe of KOLAPS contain elements of horror, fantasy, cyberpunk and mythology. The game has to be reserved for a mature and warned public.

"In a near future, the life has something false, Humans are modern slaves working in vast Factory-City, or forgotten outside walled megalopole.
On November 1st 2052, a massive explosion strike the heart of the European Capital Strasburg, making almost one billion deads. Following this, spooky creatures appears... something old and powerfull has awakened. "

This new indiegogo campaign is already funded, and the starter set is available (with all you need to play) , the next strech goals will expand the miniature line, and the universe.

The game is only available in French for now, but the english version is close to be finished.

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