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Kobolds Ate My Baby gets funding, working towards stretch goals

9th Level Games got their funding they needed for Koblods Ate My Baby. Now it's stretch goals for 26 days.

From the update:

Today, 9th Level Games and John Kovalic are pleased to announce that their first Kickstarter, for a new expanded, full color edition of the Kobolds Ate My Baby! RPG was funded within twenty-four hours. The project was released on March 4, 2013 and initial stretch goals have already been unlocked for the line. Fans are heavily engaged in the project and new titles, like an adventure written about the Kickstarter backers, are already in progress as a way of further connecting with them.

Chris O’Neill of 9th Level Games said, “We are blown away by the response from fans, the people love this game, and have missed it. We’re so excited

John Kovalic, illustrator of Kobolds Ate My Baby! and Munchkin, said, "Kobolds are nasty, brutish and short; the funding of Kobolds Ate My Baby turned out to be fantastic, brilliant and incredibly short. I eagerly await the huge amount of fun we'll be having on this. We want to give the fans something very special."
The new edition of the Kobolds Ate My Baby! RPG is scheduled to be a Fall/Winter 2013 release digital and print on demand formats from DriveThruRPG. Currently, 9th Level Games has an existing catalog of other titles and Kobolds supplements available now on DriveThruRPG. Pending the conclusion of the Kickstarter and delivery of the backer rewards, a publication schedule will be announced on the publisher’s website.