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Kobblestone releases Terrain Boards with sunken Mortar Holes, Trenches and Bunkers

Kobblestone Miniatures has new terrain boards available with removable mortar holes, bunkers and trenches.

From the release:

We are pleased to introduce our cobblestone terrain boards. These are the first in a series of patterned boards that we will be producing. They are a great addition to any wargaming table or diorama and would fit well with Medieval, Fantasy, European, WW2 or even modern settings.

First in our series is 2 types of boards.

• 3/16" - resin finish over foamcore board
• 1/2" - resin finish over regular foam board

The 1/2" foam boards are available either as a full board or precut into squares to fit with our drop-in mortar holes, trenches and bunkers. These Multi Playable boards work like a puzzle, you remove a section and drop in a mortar, a trench or a bunker and when the battle is finished, replace the removed section to make it a full board again. This makes the boards more versatile as they can be used as regular street surface or as a destroyed surface.

The sunken mortar holes, trenches and bunkers are available individually. They are designed to go with our Multi Playable boards, however you can cut your own 1/2" foam terrain and sink them in. All Boards measure 12" square.

Below is a comment from a Customer who has sampled this product

Mark from Australia writes ..

"Kobblestone's new 3D paved table top surface is modular with the paving stones raised up on top of a layer of foam. What is awesome about these tiles is that they can be replaced with cratered sections that recess into the table top allowing gamers to represent destruction of the battlefield during the game with actual deep craters which will provide cover for models to move in to. Check out the “What’s New” section on their website to see all the awesome different options for the craters that they will be releasing over the coming weeks."

All products are best suited for 25-28mm scale and come unpainted (terrain boards primed in grey).