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Knuckleduster release War of 1812 US artillery crews

Knuckleduster have released two sets of 28mm War of 1812 US artillery crews. 1812 US artillery crew From their website:
Your plaintive cries have been heard; the US artillery crews are finished. I've just posted them for sale. The first pack is the mid-war uniform, consisting of a laced coatee and cap (shako) that can either be used as the early-war felt model, or the short-lived leather "yeoman crowned" model. The pose on the far right is a job I actually did at an AWI reenactment. After placing the fuse/quill into the vent hole, you cover it with your cap, raise your right hand to signal your readiness, and await the order to fire, at which time you replace your cap on your head and step to the side to allow the firer to light the gun. The purpose of holding your shako over the vent is to prevent accidental discharge by a spark from burning debris in the air. The second pack is the late-war uniform, featuring many features in common with the infantry; the plain coatee with lace only at the collar, and the leather false-front shako, only with a special (and oddly British) shako plate.