Knuckleduster release War of 1812 range

Knuckleduster have released the first figures in their 28mm War of 1812 miniature range.

War of 1812 miniatures

From their website:

I’ve been slaving away for many months now preparing a line of 28mm figures for the War of 1812. Now I’ve finally posted the first several sets for sale! These figures are also available through RLBPS , our US distributor.

I have begun with my favorite campaign, the Niagra campaign of 1814, including the battles of Chippewa and Lundy’s Lane. I’ve also included an interesting variant on a Canadian militia uniform that includes the round hat, used when supplies of stovepipe shakos ran low.

I will be posting new sets throughout the fall. US regulars 1813 for the Thames campaign and US rifles in short grey jackets for the Niagra campaign are finished, but not in production molds, yet. Work on mounted officers is well-along, and won’t take long.

I did a massive amount of research for the uniforms, and found lots of conflicting information, so what remains is my impression. Osprey as well as Canadian re-enactors are of the opinion that the stovepipe shako was worn throughout the Niagra campaign and indeed most of the war by British and Canadian units equipped by the British Army. Osprey asserts that the Belgic was worn only at New Orleans, and then not by all units.

If you have any questions about which packs to purchase for the OB you are trying to fill, please contact me and I would be happy to help any way I can (or phone (309)838-9871).

The 15% off sale prices does apply to these figures the same as all other items during the present sale.