Knuckleduster release update

Knuckleduster have posted an update on the status of their efforts to rework some of their miniatures.

From their website:

The process of re-sculpting some of the older packs of figures continues. It is admittedly an uncomfortable process, but absolutely necessary as molds wear out and my sculpting skill makes strides foward. When shopping in the next few weeks, please read carefully; some of the packs are being re-sculpted now, and new versions will be available soon in the new series of six-packs. For instance, Cowboys I and II will be combined into one pack, with some figures re-sculpted or improved in one way or another. Ellsworth and Abilene packs will be combined into one with major changes to most of the figures. Hardly any of the figures will be remade from scratch, but they are undergoing significant improvements. This process will continue until I have worked my way through the entire catalog. I believe that providing quality products involves making constant improvements, even if they are sometimes a bit disruptive.

The two packs under construction right now (it really shouldn’t be long before they can be released) are:

OW28-102 Cowboys: six cowboys; one with Lemat, one with Shotgun, one with Lasso, one with rifle, and the other with pistols.

OW28-103 Cowtown Chaos (working title): Wild Bill, JW Hardin, Texas Jack, Gambler wearing tophat w/pepperbox and revolver, drunk with shotgun, pudgy old sheriff.

I’ll keep you posted about future re-sculpts. I will of course be adding new packs as well.