Knuckleduster release reworked 28mm western figures

Knuckleduster have released the first two of their reworked 28mm western miniature sets.

From their website:

The next two sets of re-sculpted figures are available for sale. The first set is a six-figure combination of the old “Cowboy I and II” sets, with all the figures reworked to one degree or another. I’m particularly proud of the new version of the LeMat pistol carried by one of the cow punchers.

The second set is a combination and re-interpretation of the old Ellsworth and Abilene sets. It’s called “Cowtown Chaos,” and features a complete re-sculpt of my favorite gunfighter, Wild Bill, and different versions of the gambler with pepperbox and big improvements made all around. The drunken Billy Thompson and old Sheriff Chauncey Whitney are almost entirely unchanged. These two figures recount an incident in which Sheriff Whitney died trying to disarm the cowboy who was roaming the streets drunk as a skunk, waving a loaded shotgun around. What made it particularly poignent was that the kindly sheriff was a close friend of Billy, who was too drunk to recognize him.

I’ve been working hard to get these finished, and photos will follow tomorrow.