Knuckleduster release 28mm Banditos

Knuckleduster have released a pack of 28mm Bandito figures.


From their website:

Today I have finally released the long-promised 28mm Banditos. OW28-109 Banditos $10.00 (unpainted).

As always, they’re available from Knuckleduster and RLBPS.

In other news, I have had to temporarily discontinue the farm wagon, due to a problem with availability of the resin parts. It make take some time to resolve the issue, so it may be this fall before wagons are available again.

Just a reminder that I have Bob Boze Bell books again. I’m no longer carrying many items made by other manufacturers or publishers, but I believe so strongly in these magnificent and beautiful history books that I began carrying them again. Bell turns up on the History Channel now and again. His books profile a single gunfight in each chapter in an extremely detailed and entertaining way that includes diagrams, photos, original artwork, and lots of sidebars with little-known and newly discovered facts. There are three volumes with around 25 gunfights in each one, and I highly recommend them all.