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Knuckleduster Posts Free Gunfighter’s Ball Rules

Knuckleduster Posts Free Gunfighter’s Ball Rules

We all know my love of “try before you buy.” Being an informed consumer is very important in this day and age. I also think it shows a company feels they’ve got a quality product. “Look, we’ll let you try it for free and we know you’ll come back for more.” That’s what Knuckleduster is doing with their Gunfighter’s Ball rules. They’ve posted up the starter rules for the game that they’ll be putting on Kickstarter next month, giving you a chance to check them out early.

From the announcement:

Knuckleduster has just released a free PDF of Gunfighter’s Ball, the Greenhorn Edition, a simplified version of the game going into Kickstarter in November. In addition to the PDF, a sample pack containing figures, a building, special dice, and poker chips has been released.

The free download includes not only the rules, but also scenarios, quick-play sheets, and printable character cards. The Greenhorn rules are a simplified version of the full game, fun to play in their own right and useful for teaching new people the game long after the more detailed rules have been released.

The sample miniatures kit, with three characters chosen at random and a substantial false-front commercial building, will give people a sneak preview of the quality going into the miniatures that will be part of the Kickstarter.