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Knights of Fate Available For Star Wars RPG

When sitting around and talking no longer gets done what needs to get done, the lightsabers and blasters come out. In the Star Wars RPG, players can focus on these combat abilities, and those abilities are being further expanded and enhanced with the Knights of Fate book. Along with the book, there's new combat decks available, so you can know just what abilities and powers you have at your disposal.

The galaxy is in chaos. The Jedi Order that once defended the innocent against the forces of darkness has been destroyed, and fear has taken hold beneath the iron fist of the Empire. Now, who will take of the mantle of the guardian and restore hope to a sorrowful galaxy? The time has come to take a stand and widen your view of the galaxy with new specializations, species, as well as weapons and gear, vehicles, starships, and ideas for countless new adventures.

Knights of Fate, the Warrior sourcebook for Force and Destiny is on sale now at your local retailer or online through our website!


For thousands of years, the Jedi defended the galaxy with their magnificent weapons and sage wisdom, but with the dissolution of their Order, the worlds they once protected have fallen to chaos and turmoil. One by one, worlds fall before the might of the Empire. In this new and corrupt galaxy, every living creature is faced with a choice—whether to defend what innocence remains or surrender to the call of darkness. Will you stand against the enemies of peace?

The Juyo Berserker Specialization Deck, Steel Hand Adept Specialization Deck, Colossus Specialization Deck, and Warrior Signature Abilities Deck for the Knights of Fate sourcebook of Star Wars™: Force and Destiny are available for order now at your local retailer or online through our website!