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Knight Models Switches To Pre-Order Instead of Kickstarter

Usually, we're all about telling you a new Kickstarter will be launching soon. And for Knight Model's Harry Potter game, we'd done just that. However, we're now here to tell you that the Kickstarter's been cancelled. But the game hasn't. Instead of a Kickstarter campaign, Knight Models is going directly to pre-orders starting next week on the 14th.

From their Facebook page:

We are aware of the great excitement and expectation that the Harry Potter Miniatures
Adventure Game is generating, and believe that this is the best way to ensure our product
reaches the greatest number of customers, with the fulfilment guarantee provided by our own channels.

Pre-orders for the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game will start on March 14


Edited to link to the Knight Models page instead of just their Facebook page, as well as update the quote.