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Knight Models Previews Squicide Squad Game Box Contents

Marvel or DC. It's a battle that rages on in geek-dom that will most-likely not have an end anytime soon. Knight Models plays both sides of the field, though, coming out with great models for both lines. Lately, they've been showing off some models for the upcoming Suicide Squad box set. Most recently, we get a look at the box contents in total.

The new box set will have 13 minis in it (along with the requisite stat cards for them). It'll have the full Batman Miniatures Game rulebook (complete with a Suicide Squad-specific campaign). It even has two buildings as well as lamp posts (to see where you're going in the dark streets of Gotham). Round that out with various counters and even four dice, and you've got everything you need to get you and a friend playing as soon as the glue dries on the minis.