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Knight Models Previews Professor Pyg and Dollotrons For Batman Miniatures Game

Professor Pyg and the Dollotrons... Sounds like a prog rock band from the 70s. But, really, it's a new set that's coming out for the Batman Miniatures Game from Knight Models. And so you know what you're getting yourself into, they've posted up an in-depth preview of the group over on their website.

From the post:

The Professor Pyg and Dollotrons blister adds an interesting new Free Agent to the game.
The good Professor comes with three friends. Together they offer support to any Crew that can afford his services.

First we will discuss Professor Pyg himself. He does not have any particularly good stats, and his weapons are unimpressive. He carries a simple Knife and a set of Throwing Knives. So what does he bring for his cost?