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Knight Models previews new Marvel/DC releases

Knight Models is showing off their new releases, and they've got quite a few to show off. They've got both a pair of Marvel releases, plus a bunch for their Batman Miniatures game.

For Marvel, it's Daredevil and Elektra.

For Batman, it's quite a bit more.

They've got Ra's Al Ghul, Nyssal Al Ghul, Batwoman, Gotham's Police Wagon, some phone booths, a Joker Gas Canister, and some token sets.

From the website:

Here's December Marvel releases:

Hope you like it!

Here's December's Batman Miniature Game releases!

Ra's Al Ghul
Nyssa Al Ghul
Gotham Police Van
Phone Booth
League of Shadows Markers
Joker's gas canister