Knight Models previews new Gandalf green

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Aug 26th, 2013

Knight Models has a preview picture up of Gandalf the green (to be made grey or white by you later on).

From the preview:

True courage is about knowing not when to take a life, but when to spare one… Coming soon.

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  • I have heard of Gandalf the Grey and Gandalf the White, but Gandalf the Green? Never heard of him 🙂

  • puster

    The license for producing miniatures based on Lord of the Ring and The Hobbit lies with the heirs of JRR Tolkien, and thus companies are NOT free to just produce characters based on these books.
    This license is held by Mithril miniatures, since the mid eighties. The movies had licenses that allowed for miniatures based on the movies, though – which is stretched pretty thin by the company that got this license and produces minatures that do not appear anywhere in or near the actual movie.

    That aside, a stereotypical mage that happens to look like most of us imagine Gandalf is certainly better off to be named Gandalf the Green – though Gandalf may already cross that border. Chances are that it is not Mithril that will act, though they are the one that are actually hurt.

  • Haibane

    Take a look at the other products Knight Models offer – lots of models from the DC Comics, Marvel, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars universes. Now take a look at all the Trademarks emblazoned over their pages :

    I’m going to take a guess that these guys have got the rights to be selling these models.

  • phoenixman

    watch out for a cease and desist letter from GW anytime soon.

    nice looking mini but not much different from the GW one to be honest

    • Haibane

      Again, I really doubt these guys are doing anything outside their licensing rights. In all probability GW have exclusive rights to 25mm models, which allows Knight Models to acquire rights to sell 35mm models, as they do for their other properties.

      • puster

        You are right, it looks like a “Miniatures for the movies” license.
        If I remember correct, GW only has the right to produce minis for the tabletop game to the movie… – I wonder wether any of these license fees actually reaches Tolkiens family.

        • grimbergen

          GW has released many non-movie related minis since the Two Towers range — i.e. the Tom Bombadil/Goldberry/Barrow Wights, Radagast (not the new hobbit resin version but a metal sculpt based on their own designs).

          Ever since then there have been many many non-movie figures like the prince imrahil and knights of dol amroth that come out in steady releases.

          I don’t have any knowledge of the license but know that I’ve been buying non-movie minis from them for a long time.

          • Soulfinger

            What, you don’t remember the Tom Bombadil scene in the extended version? Man, I hate that guy.

          • grimbergen

            Oh you must have the Old Toby limited collector’s edition extended version signed and numbered. I’ve been trying to track that down for years. How much you want for it?

          • puster

            I am almost sure they produced rules for any mini they sold, so that they can claim they are part of the game. As the game is still based on the film, they managed to work around that limit.

            Not that I do not like some of their minis – especially the Dwarfs – but I think that Mithril was not exactly treated fair.

            That said, nice work here. Knight model imho makes a good job of transferring comics and movies into metal minis…

          • odinsgrandson

            Ah. Takes me back to the day GW announced that they had secured the rights to produce minis from all of Tolkein’s middle earth works and add them to the miniatures game.

            And announced that the first non-film expansion would include Tom Bombadil.

  • mweaver

    But why is that giant hand there?

    Saurman making his move at last?

    It just seems a weird picture to post, with half the miniature obscured by The Hand.

  • storm72

    Knight Models has a license, I’m sure to produce lotr models based on the film. I don’t think GW renewed Their license to produce new material based on the film trilogy and Is just selling of old stock and continuing only with the Hobbit range. The above post is called Gandalf the Green because he is a sculptors green (sculpted from green epoxy) later to be cast in pewter or resin;)

    • I know… It was a joke “Gandalf the Green” it just made me giggle 😉