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Knight Models Previews Batman Miniatures Game 2nd Edition

Knight Models is looking to update their Batman Miniatures Game rules set. We're only a couple weeks from the launch of this new form of the rules, but they don't want to make you wait until then to see what's coming. Knight Models has a couple teasers up, giving you some hints as to what changes will be made.

From the website:

To begin with, we have decided to restructure the crews that currently exist in the game. While the configuration of a crew will remain the same with regards to Bosses, Sidekicks, Free Agents, etc., we want to make a more dynamic approach, so that players can more intuitively form alliances between like-minded heroes and villains.. Do you want to see how Spartan and Gordon work together? Or check if the Two-Face and Black Mask thugs can team up without resorting to infighting? Keep reading!

For example, where once we had three similar crews – Batman, Green Arrow, and Law Forces – we now have one single crew: The Brave and the Bold. These crime-fighters stand ready to protect the streets of Gotham, Central City or Star City at a moment’s notice, and often work together. By removing the need for specific Affiliates, players will be able to team the Flash (New 52) with Arrow (TV Series) freely, or have Nightwing as a crew’s Boss and Aaron Cash as a Sidekick.

While some players will undoubtedly choose to theme their forces to specific affiliations or even storylines, we think the new rules will allow players much greater freedom to tell their own stories of Batman’s world, their own way.