Knight Models Previews Arkham Knight Rules

By Polar_Bear
In Miniatures Game
Mar 1st, 2017

Knight Models will soon be taking pre-orders for their Batman Miniatures Game campaign book. Those that partake of said pre-order will get an exclusive Arkham Knight miniature. But maybe an awesome mini, on its own, doesn’t do it for you. You want to know the stats. Well, Knight Models has posted up a preview of those, too.

From the post:

Sneak peek time! Check out the rules for the special edition Arkham Knight! You will be able to get yours pre-ordering the incoming Batmam Miniature Game: Arkham Knight Campaign Book at our webstore or your favorite local gaming store!


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  • Grimbergen

    Ok I’m not familiar with the Arkham Knight world/universe… but is that miniature Batman? with a gun?

    • It’s Jason Todd. He was a Robin for a while. Now he’s all grown up and shooting badguys.

      • DB

        The Robin that was voted off the Universe by call-in poll, died by crowbar (@1989), was “killed for good, no really, no backsies”, and was resurrected around 2005.

        “Death in the Family” was, as I recall, a lovely bit of cheese. One of the more vivid images I remember from the comic was Joker meeting Ayatollah Khomeini, then becoming the ambassador of Iran to the UN, for diplomatic immunity.

        • odinsgrandson

          Wasn’t Jason Todd caught in an explosion?

          But, yeah- he was voted to death, and brought back as part of one of the many crises of infinite continuity errors.

          • DB

            Bludgeoned by a crowbar and left in a deathtrap with a bunch of explosives. Just in time for the 90s and its Dark, Vicious Heroes.

          • “Bludgeoned by a crowbar and left in a deathtrap with a bunch of explosives”… as you do.