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Knight Models Posts Marvel Universe Miniatures Game Rulebook Up Online For Free

We've long heard about my love for when a company puts the rules for their games up online for free. You can try it before you buy it. It shows confidence in their product, as well as respect for their (potential) customers. It says, "We know you'll love our game so much when you read the rules, you'll be buying them from us, along with the miniatures, in no time." Well, considering the page views for whenever I post up a Knight Models story, you've already been buying up their products for things like the Marvel Universe Miniatures Game. Now, those of you who have held out can get a look at the rulebook for free.

So yeah, if you want to check out the rules for the Marvel Universe Miniatures Game, just head through the link and start looking it over. If you've been playing the game, what are your thoughts? To be honest, I haven't had a chance to look over the rules yet, and while I know of many people interested in the game, don't really know anyone that's honestly tried it.