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Knight Models Posts Latest Batman Miniatures Game Releases

Knight Models Posts Latest Batman Miniatures Game Releases

Batman just seems custom-made for Halloween. Dark, brooding, and with enemies that certainly fit into various “Halloween tropes.” Black cat, scary clown, scarecrow, … ummm… penguins… Ok, so maybe not that last one, but there’s no new Penguin releases this month. What they do have, however, more than makes up for it. You’ve seen the preview of the Batmobile. Well, now you can pick it up. Plus, there’s a place to park it, and all the insane characters you catch during the course of the game.

As you can see, there’s quite a lot to take in. So let’s go one at a time.

Starting off, we’ve got the massive Arkham Asylum terrain set. With that out there, you are pretty much set for terrain for your table. Plus, how much more thematic can you get than having Batman fight against the various villains right on the grounds of Arkham? Next up is that awesome-looking Batmobile. And with how those wheels turn, I’m guessing parallel parking is never an issue. After that is the Gatling Brute. Love me some Gatling Guns. Next is Militia Set I. I’m guessing that armed with a rocket launcher falls under “well regulated.” After that are some new Scarecrow tokens, very appropriate for Halloween. Then you have Spice and Two Face Thugs, to help round out your Two Face mobs. Finally, we have the Killing Joke set. Considering how many people love the Joker and how important that storyline was for the overall run of the comic, I expect these are going to sell quick.

As if that wasn’t enough, Knight Models is running a special on their website. From now until November 8th, you can get the limited edition Joker Cover rulebook for the Batman Miniatures Game.