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Knight Models Man of Steel & FM Batman Knight Models Review posted by WarGameGuru

WarGameGuru has posted up some of the new superhero models from Knight Models.


From the review:

Knight Models have come a long way quite fast. The majority of the entire 35mm scale Star Wars models I reviewed almost 3 years ago now are all sold out. That put them on the map for sure. However, the Batman Miniatures Game they've created, and the entire line of models for it are what is really gaining them notoriety with comic-book enthusiasts and skirmish gamers alike. Many are based on Batman Arkham City, but as of just a few days ago they announced some Batman Arkham Origins models are on the way too.

I've long had my eye on these models, and quite frankly, they're one of the reasons I dove headfirst back into the miniatures modeling hobby. Two of the first models I picked up are Man of Steel and Frank Miller Batman.