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Knight Models Launches Sidekicks Program

Ask various gaming companies what keeps their games being played, and thus, makes them able to come out with new things for said games, and they'll probably reply with, "our volunteers." The group of dedicated gamers who are out there giving demos at their game stores, running events, and just generally supporting the games they love are what makes this hobby of ours continue along. If it weren't for the volunteers, it'd be much harder to find others who enjoy the games we do. Well, Knight Models has officially launched their Sidekicks program, their group of volunteers that'll help spread the word about their games.

So, how do you sign up? Well, they'll have to send you an application. You can't just put on a mask and cape and say that you're a sidekick, after all. After you fill it out, send it back to them and they'll let you know if you made the cut. Pretty simple.