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Knight Models' Batman Miniatures Game 5th Anniversary Announcement

Hard to believe that Knight Models has been making their Batman Miniatures Game for five years now. Their stunning line of figures has long been sought after by collectors, but when they put some rules to them, all of you gamers out there jumped at them as well. Now, Knight Models is running special promotions from now until the 15th of February where you can get special promo models they've had over the years.

From the announcement:

Good news everyone!

At Knight Models we're celebrating BMG's 5th Anniversary!

We want to share this great event with all of you with promotions and surprises that will come to light during all of 2017.

This 5th Anniversary celebration will begin by releasing, for a limited period of time, all of our exclusive miniature promotions launched during these past 5 years so that all of Knight Models customers around the world will have the opportunity to get these exclusive miniatures.
You will be able to find this promotions in your Friendly Local Game Store and online retailers, so, do not lose this opportunity!

This promotion will be valid for orders until February 15th.