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Knight Models Announces Marvel Universe Miniatures Game

As I've mentioned before, back when I read comics in the early-mid 90s, I was a Marvel kid. Not that I had anything particularly against DC, I just didn't read any of their books. It was all X-Men and X-Factor and such that I would get every month. That preference for Marvel has kept up as I've gotten older. I'm more excited when I see an announcement about a Marvel property than a DC one. So it's easy to say that I'm rather excited when I see that Knight Models will be coming out with an all-new miniatures game based on the Marvel Universe.

The game, called The Marvel Universe Miniatures Game (Knight Models always has been rather straightforward about naming their games), will be kicked off with three faction starter sets: X-Men, Avengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy. These sets will be ready-to-play (once the minis are assembled, of course) sets, with a miniature rulebook, stat cards, and (of course) the minis. The system for the game will be all-new as well (which makes sense, considering that it's not taking place on the gloomy streets of Gotham City).

Obviously, we'll be bringing you more updates as we get them.