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Knight Models Announces DC Universe Tourney Packs

Gamers love to play in events for the games they enjoy. They also love when there's come cool, exclusive thing they can get for playing in said events. Well, Knight Models is here to do what gamers love, as they've announced the first of their Tournament Packs. The kits will be available to retailers who can then run events in their shops. They will contain an exclusive mini, the first one being Uncle Dudley.

From the announcement:

Good news everyone!
We are glad to present you the new DC Universe Tournament Packs!

This packs will be available only for retailers, and are meant to be exclusively as a prize for DC Universe Miniature Game tournaments!
Each pack includes 1 Season Exclusive Miniature! (Uncle Dudley) 3 Random standard blisters and 3 Random DC Universe Tournament character cards!

It will be available only for retailers this June 20th, so run to your Friendly Local Gaming Store and start organized play!