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Knight Models Announces DC Multiverse Range

Knight Models has announced that they're going to be updating how they sell their DC Comics miniatures. New releases will come with stats for both the Batman Miniatures Game as well as the DC Universe Miniatures Game. One purchase, two sets of stats for two games. It's like getting two pieces in one.

From the announcement:

Greetings fellows! We have some great news! We are glad to present you the new DC Multiverse range!

The brand new DC Multiverse range represents a select group of heroes and villains. These characters are equally at home whether battling hordes of thugs on the mean streets of Gotham, or facing down superhuman beings from beyond our solar system.
Each Multiverse miniature is packaged with two unique Character Cards – one for the Batman Miniature Game, and one for the DC Universe Miniature Game, allowing you to field these characters in either game setting. Now, for example, you can include Catwoman (Modern Age – Multiverse) in your Batman crew, and also include her in your DC Universe games, perhaps as part of an Injustice League team.
Remember, this is just the beginning. The Multiverse is infinite, and the range is ever-expanding…