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Knight Errant Games running Heroes' Tears Fantasy RPG Kickstarter

Knight Errant Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Heroes' Tears, their new fantasy rpg setting. Along with that, they want to launch a website that'll help with character creation and encounter-making. The world is a low-magic one. So not everyone's going to be slinging spells and wielding magical weapons. The game creators wanted to focus on a character creation system that really lets you do what you want to do with your character. And, honestly, there's little better than looking down at a character sheet and knowing you've made the character you really wanted to make.
The campaign will be up and running for the next 23 days.

From the campaign:

Welcome to an epic world that is yours to create, conquer and explore. Heroes' Tears is a unique tabletop fantasy role playing game in a low magic setting where you create your character and then explore to find adventure.Limitless character types are available and you prioritize what you are going to be good at through our flexible character creation system. You choose from combat, fortune, magic and skills. Once you've balanced your priorities you are ready to go!

Role Playing Games have huge amounts of information used in this. This kickstarter is to create a website database that automates character creation and generates encounters at the push of a button.

For those of you that have played RPG's the Player's Primer is our book for the player. The Storyteller's Atlas is our guide for the storyteller that includes how to run the game and the basic set of monsters. We offer a familiar base mechanic inspired by the D20 rules but everything else is unique. This kickstarter is to help us create a database for our character generation system to walk you through all the choices. It would also create storyteller tools to automate random encounter generations and help manage encounters. The goal is to make programs to handle the information while you get immersed in the fantasy!

* The character generation system has been completely redone to a classless system instead of the old way of all fighters being identical to each other or all priests being carbon copies.

* Advanced moves like trip and bull rush have been simplified and made more effective with additional action possibilities.

* The combat sequence has been dramatically accelerated for more fun and less mechanic.

* We also have completely unique spells and equipment along with a wholly different take on magic items and prestige kits, which replace prestige classes with more versatility.