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Kitty Quest Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Well, I guess that headline should technically say, "Kitty Quest No-Board Game Up On Kickstarter," as the game does not have a board in the traditional sense. Instead, players will create the board as they go along, in this twist on the classic form of board games. You can check it out on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

This unique game in the “No Bored Game” series contains elements of classic board games but without the board. Players create their own playing path and game scenarios for a unique playing experience each and every time. Kitty Quest is recommended for 2-4 player, ages 6+.

Path cards are distributed to players and players alternate laying down path cards to create their own unique game path. Cards do not have to stay on a level surface. Use a Ladder or Slide card to change playing surfaces such as a table to the floor. Multiple paths can be created using Crossroad cards. Your game space is only limited by your imagination. Because this board game eliminates the board, children have to work together to form their own path and rules. Kitty Quest is the purrfect way to foster collaboration and creativity among kids.