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Kingsford Miniatures May Mare Madness Sale

Mounted CavalryKingsford Miniatures is having a sale for the first three weeks of May. From their announcement:
That's right! All single cavalry packs are reduced by 30%. Select infantry packs are also on sale while quantities last. Sale starts May 1st and ends May 20th. Kingsford Miniatures create some of the most detailed and accurate 28mm samurai figures for the Sengoku-Jidai period. Don't delay, get these packs in time to prime and paint during your summer vacation. Now, if you're looking for more inspiration I have uploaded additional colour plates of mon (clan heraldry) in our artwork section. You're unlikely to find the various flags and banners of the same clan on any one plate in any single book. But we have them, for you, for free. Please visit our online store at or check out our Ebay Store at