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Kings of War Trolls on Advance Order from Mantic

Mantic has started taking down names of those that want their new Trolls for Kings of War as soon as they're available.

From the announcement:

Over the course of the next three months we’re going to be introducing new Undead, Orc and Goblin units to the range PLUS we’ll be launching our Ogre and Human armies into the world!

We kickstart the Summer of Kings of War off with the Trolls…

Trolls are large, feral humanoids of dim wits and insatiable appetite – perfect allies for the armies of Goblins, which use them as shock troops. Trolls can regenerate almost any wound and only fire can truly destroy them, while their crude war-clubs smash through armour and crush bones with terrifying ease.

The Trolls are released on the 29th June 2013 and are now available to pre-order both as an individual set or as part of two fantastic value Army Deals.