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Kings of War: Ratkin army list available for free download

Mantic is always happy to put the rules for their Kings of War game up online so you can get a look at them for free. It's not just the base rules for the game that they do this for, but also the army lists. That way, you can actually proxy-test some armies if you so choose. This includes armies that might not even be out yet. Such is the case today.

Kings of War: Uncharted Empires will bring nine new force lists to Kings of War. The lists will be: The League of Rhordia, Ratkin, The Brotherhood, The Empire of Dust, Reptilians, The Herd, the Varangur, and two armies not revealed yet (they want something to be a secret for when the book comes out).

They've posted up the Ratkin force list online so you can see how these new figures will work. If you've got figures that might work well in the list, Mantic encourages you to go ahead and give the new rules a shot.
Hmm... I wonder where one could find some fantasy figures that are rat-like in appearance. ;)