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Kings of War Mini-Kick coming next week

Mantic gives us a look at how things are coming along with a little bit of everything. But the big announcement for the blog post is a mini-Kickstarter campaign they'll be launching next week.


From the post:

We’ll have a low buy in pledge. It will get you a hard cover book, with rules, lots of background about the world and the armies and updated army lists. This would be a limited edition print. You also get the battle book – a soft cover book (it will come with just the army lists and rules) for taking with you to games nights and tournaments. If you just want the book, or to pay after Christmas just drop in a dollar and pick up what you want in the survey. Finally I would open a pledge for new players that gives them the rules pledge and an army to get going with it would also be a handy way for existing players the opportunity to start a new army, (or an Abyssal one :) )