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Kings of War Dossier coming to the Mantic Newsletter!

Mantic Games wants you to read their Newsletter (and why wouldn't you anyway? It's full of useful information and other tidbits and goodies), so they're giving Kings of War dossiers away when you sign up. Go now!

From them to you:

With the Kings of War Hardback Rulebook coming in June, we’re giving away a free Kings of War Dossier when you sign-up up to the newsletter.

Mantic Dossiers are exclusive guides to new releases from Mantic Games. Free to download from our newsletter, the Kings of War Dossier will look at what’s new to the book, and what the races of Kings of War are all about.

You’ll receive the Dossier in a newsletter in May, so keep watching that inbox! If you’re not signed up, head over to and do so!