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Kings of War 2nd Edition sneak peak: Nerve and Pike Phalanx

Mantic Games have posted a preview of one of the units from the Kings of War 2nd Edition rulebook. From their announcement:
One of the new things that players have been commenting on is the new streamlined Nerve system, and to know more, who better than to ask the man behind the rules: Alessio Cavatore. The new Nerve system is the same as before, but is now even simpler with no charts and less calculations: everything is in the statline. So, when you damage a unit, you roll 2D6 + current damage and get a total. If the total is lower than the first number (called the Wavering limit), the unit is steady. If the result is equal or higher than the wavering limit, but not as high as the second number (called the Routing limit), the enemy Wavers. If the result is equal or higher than the routing limit… guess what? The whole unit is removed.