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Kingmaker Miniatures release knights and transfer sets

Kingmaker Miniatures has new mounted knights along with the transfers to help your caffeine-hands while painting them.

From the release:

Now added to the 1st Corps shopping cart are Kingmaker Miniatures knights with water slide transfer barding sets.

Each set includes a mounted Kingmaker knight on a barded horse.
Lance or handweapon.
2mm thick 25X 50mm HDF laser cut base by Battle Flag.
Full colour water slide transfer kit by Battle Flag.

No need to buy multiple figures and then decide which transfer set to choose. Simply choose the barding kit and the figure from the drop down menu and we'll add the correct horse to fit the barding kit, shield, wire spear or handweapon and 2mm HDF laser cut base by Battle Flag

Flags are not supplied but are availale to buy seperatley.

These have been available blistered up at shows for a while but we thought it a good idea to make them available online aswell.