Kingdom Death releases White Speaker

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Jul 30th, 2012

Kingdom Death released their new White Speaker model over in their webstore. It’s already sold out, with no word as to when it’ll be back in, but you can at least still look at the pictures of it.
They really do need to do larger initial runs of their models.

From the website:

Sculpted by Thomas David
Concept art by Lokman Lam

This figure is presented as a many-option kit, there are tons of pieces to choose from to customize Nico’s appearance. Including:
Three heads: Plain, Skull Helm, Divination Crown.
Weapons options: Wand with hand holding eye, spine knife, empty hand (both), and magical blood spell, skull bludgeon.
Cape options: short cape, long cape.

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  • lordofexcess

    These guys need to do a kickstarter to produce all their models in quantities higher than 2 … I like their stuff but it is crazy how quick they sell out, and the cost per model is high. Doing larger runs would allow the prices to come down.

    Do a kickstarter please guys … put all these models into production at lower prices … you’ll do well.

  • metalsifter

    There’s a problem somewhere with their e-mail system when they send out their flyer.

    I was online when I received the e-mail, the second I got it and read it I went to their website to order the Beyond the Wall restock and the new White Speaker and they were SOLD OUT!

    Their e-mails must be getting held up somewhere cause I doubt they sold out in 1-2 seconds.

    Either that or they should send out the flyer with a release date a couple of days later and have the figures go up on sale then.

    I’d love to keep buying models, but since I’m missing several of them the incentive to keep buying from them lessens every time I see a model I can’t get.

  • Grindar

    I’d love to buy their models, if they’d produce more than 3 of them in a production run. I can understand wanting to do cool limited-edition runs, but they’re cutting them down way too far. Right now their business model is feed ebay resellers who can get there early. I don’t mind their cost because of the coolness of the sculpts, but the run levels are bullshit.

  • Sorry, can never seem to get the initial quantity right. She is already in que for another production run, but she is far behind many new things. I am sorry I cannot provide an exact date.

    @lordofexcess the cost & labor for these high end resin figures is always the same. quantity does not bring the price down. a kickstarter for resin figures would not be very ideal however, a kickstarter for plastic makes a lot of sense.

    • metalsifter

      Will the next release be the same as the initial release, the limited edition ?

      • It will most likely be an unnumbered encore run that has all of the same kit parts. I initially planned on adding more parts to the kit and running the encore sometime next year but I guess that can wait!

  • jackgaudette

    kingdomdeath I hope all is well. Very fine minis. Almost too fine or perhaps haunting. I think that is the desired effect. So why not plastics?

    • Working towards it jack! I am however very meticulous… so it takes me a while to bring anything to “finished”.

  • randyjones

    I love the KD figures and own many but it bugs me when the figure is a limited release figure and then once it sells out, your make more of the exact same figure without the numbered certificate.

    Maybe make more initially as a limited number similar to Studio Mcvey or just keep them as general releases which is what they seem to be anyway if you make more as an “encore”.

    Just my opinion of course

    • It’s all about the reality of production. And in some cases a few of the figures will not make a return as an encore, plastic or ever. It is a very small way to reward early adopters but I hope to grow into eventually doing more proper collectors kits with unique parts not found elsewhere.

      I see each release as brush mark on a much larger canvas that is evolving as it’s being worked on. Some things may change or vanish, so it’s hard to be 100% certain with each step.

      I do not mean to be misleading, I might change the “first run collectors edition” to “1st editions” instead. A lot of people seem to confuse limited with a one time exclusive thing.

      • Grindar

        All I know is looking at the web store is that I see 26 unavailable versus 12 available, and out of those 12 3 are the 54mm scale which doesn’t exactly have the same size audience. If you’re not actually limiting production, don’t understand why it takes you so long to run the molds to make more. You’re not rewarding early adopters, as proven by some of the comments here you’re not even giving people a chance to adopt before you sell out.

      • Mechanical.Horizon

        I know how hard it is to produce quality models; I’ve been making molds and casting in resin, metal and plastic for 20 years now.

        What concerns me is that I like to collect models, yours especially since they have a very unique look to them, but the more models I miss out on due to not getting the newsletter on time or low manufacturing runs the less I am inclined to buy the next one since I won’t be able to get the entire range.

        Yes you might “re-print” some of them, but they won’t have the limited edition card or the color artwork with them. That makes a difference.

        Maybe you are thinking of this from a gaming POV, but collectors are interested in your product as well.

        Also, if you are going to create a game based off your miniatures, having those miniatures available for purchase so players can play the game is necessary.

        Most of what you have available right now are the Pin-Up versions, don’t get me wrong I love those models, but where are the rest?

        Your models are fantastic and the castings I’ve seen so far are excellent quality, but the more I miss out on the models, the less I’ll be looking out for them.

      • KelRiever

        Honestly, I believe the ‘collectors’ mentality is flawed. If you have a high demand for figures, go produce them. I don’t want to see excess inventory lying around. Personally, I avoid companies that have a collectors mentality because I have enough problems getting things I need in real life to be running around chasing miniatures I want 😀
        I guess it is a lot less exciting and more irritating to me. But here’s another thought…think of producing more as a way of getting more of your creation out there in the world, and that is another kind of desire than the one created by limited supply.
        As they say, jmo.

      • Grindar

        With runs this small, you’re not even rewarding the early adopter, as even the people who are interested day 1 can’t get the product. All it leaves is frustration with a company who could make a lot more money if somebody would get off their butt and pour some resin. If you ever want to launch a rule set you’re gonna wonder why you only have 50 players, and it’s entirely due to stubbornness or laziness, I can’t tell which.

        Maybe you should go to a pre-order system where you cast any figure that we want after we order so you don’t have dead inventory or like iron wind metals/reaper where they’ll cast anything they ever made, but if it’s been a while since they made it there’s an archive fee.

  • This is a very tricky conversation to have on a blog. I have no issue being transparent with my costs and the reasons why I do small runs ( 300 units is still not a small amount of work for one person! ). But I think it would be better if you contacted me directly.

    I do not like upsetting fans, or denying people a miniature they want. I do however need to keep the project running steady until a mass production game is ready. My resin partner is a master and the material that is used is gorgeous… but only so much can be made at a time and on the other hand I cannot afford to have so many resources tied up if I grossly over estimate the demand.

    The next release I do I am bringing the production runs up to 450. I am confident it will be enough to satisfy the initial demand and last for a few months.