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Kingdom Death posts up October releases

Kingdom Death posted their 3 October releases over on their website. We can show you one. The others aren't work-safe (neither is the site in general. Ye be warned.).

From the release:

We have 3 new miniatures for the festive month of october.

Twilight Knight
The Twilight Knight is a very special figure. He was the first character to be concieved for the project and the first glimmer of the Kingdom Death world. He was sculpted a total of 2.5 times by 3 different artists and his final sword was treated as its own unique project.

Forge God
A massive, mounstrous smith that overseas the special forges of the Holy Lands. The Forge God is our largest figure to date! 150mm to his highest point, he was designed as a unique boss encounter and I can't wait to hear about peoples battles with him. ( one day! )

An ancient entity with a tireless agenda, the true power behind the king and its mysterious host. To men, he is a god made of flesh appearing in repose atop his throne of arms. This model is not for the faint of heart! The throne itself is split into 13 parts and should be assembled with care. I will be posting a set of instructions later this week.