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Kingdom Death posts Monster update

Kingdom Death posted an update about how things are moving along with Monster, their board game that's been in production for quite some time. The first bit is that fulfillment hasn't started yet. However, they are moving forward with things and have a schedule for the core games being printed. The first set of games should be done around the end of May. Plastic piece creation has been completed and the pieces have been sent to the company that will be packaging the game.
They also posted up a small preview shot of the Gorm sprue from the game.

From the update:

A lot of stuff happened in the past 2 months.

We met our print deadline, mentioned last update.
Plastic production is now 100% finished and it has been transported to the company handling the printing and packaging.
Core Game packaging has been approved by me, I’ve been given a timeline. (see above!)
Our Tray that holds the game components is done and it's awesome.
All the files for the expansions have been checked and evaluated by the printing company. We aim to sign off on the fine details this week.
Challenge scenarios got another round of polish.
Actually played some games besides Kingdom Death. Of the bunch, Core World and Power Grid were the favorites.
Starting to lay down the ground work for projects that will support Kingdom Death:Monster. Such as video tutorials, an online glossary and some form of a message board.
I slept.

The game box has been finalized! Its huge, heavy and I couldn't resist going for a black on black design. If I saw this game on a shelf as a kid, I would have killed myself pulling it down to check out. Clearly, this makes it the perfect box for Kingdom Death: Monster.