Kingdom Death passes $420k on Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
Dec 2nd, 2012

Kingdom Death continues to break through stretch goals over on Kickstarter.

From the update:

I thought it would be fun to add this! If we hit 420k The Adam & Anna kickstarter exclusives are getting an upgrade! A one shot challenge scenario will be added to the rulebook, and a bonus copy of each of their heads, modified to be compatible with the armor kits will also be included with them!

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  • Moriarty

    I managed to wangle a $129 Black Friday deal but the international postage is still making my sensible side hesitant which is verging on the annoying now given how much awesome content has been added since the project’s inception.

    Adam Poots must be very pleased with the way things are developing though, his models are really eye catching, that’s for sure!

    • jedijon

      I’ve been on that KS looking to trade my earlybird ‘The Game’ for someone’s earlybird ‘Survivor’, so PLEASE…if you’re dropping, look me up first!

      I don’t that this can possibly compare on a component level to some other kickstarters. It’s a really unique concept though, so I’m excited. Just hope the PVC weapons aren’t all bent up!!

      • jedijon

        God that sounds grasping – I didn’t mean for some charity! I just meant that I’ve got an earlybird ‘The Game’ pledge…and IF you DON’T end up wanting yours…I’d be so horribly honored if you’d contact me so I could at least attempt to move into your slot.

        You’re probably better off keeping your pledge. It looks like a pretty sweet game!

  • TomasT

    Love the minis, but can’t help thinking that one gets a bit too little bang for the buck. Lots of add ons if one wants to, but not really tempted to add $200 or more on this.

    Still the best Kickstarter around was McVey’s. Pay $100 and get ALL THE goodies, almost.
    The way Kickstarter really should be used. Get the finance in order for producing the game, and sell at almost break even. Any profit should come from the extra sales later on.

    • Moriarty

      I think you’ve more or less put a finger on the nagging feeling I’ve had since this project has kicked off.

      At the same time, compared to McVey’s CMON backed project Adam Poots is a one man operation so in that regard I don’t want to compare directly but at the same time, I can see where you’re coming from.

    • grimbergen

      When I look at whether a KS project has good value I judge it more by the value relative to the company’s normal product prices. In that regard, this reasonable.

      Each resin figure from Kingdom death normally retails for $25-30 anyway (which is the same price as what McVey charges). The $300 pledge includes 6 resin minis (not counting all the other bonus unlocked stuff).

      Granted the $100 pledge level doesn’t have the resin but is still a reasonable value given the bonus unlocked plastic kits, and even more at the $155 level. The Sedition Wars set is nearly all plastic also.

      • Grindar

        What normal prices from Kingdom Death? All I ever see there is “not available” or “sold out”.

        • grimbergen

          Normal prices are $25-27 for single minis (you can still see the price even if it’s sold out by going to the figure’s page), same price as Mcvey’s

          • Grindar

            Hardly a normal price when it’s normally not available at that price.

          • Veritas

            So what you’re saying is that the secondary market price is now “normal”? If so, your argument holds even less water as the box game is an even better deal when compared to secondary market prices for KD figures.

  • In all sincerity I am doing my very best to add to the overall value of the core game box and keep everything a fiscal reality. It is a constant balancing act as I feel that backers should be rewarded to the greatest possible extent I can manage.

    However, there is a nagging feeling in the back of my head that I’ve bought into a potentially dangerous “group-on” like model. It projects an unrealistic set of expectations and prices both for the future of Kingdom Death & for other similar kick starters.

    Regardless, I do appreciate everyone’s honest feelings. I also somewhat agree that a kickstarter should be aimed at something that is a “break even” point. However, that also includes not just the raw cost of goods, but the shipping, labor, artists fees, marketing fees, and of course paying the people at the company a decent wage for all the above and beyond effort that goes into running one of these campaigns.

    Anyway, thats just my 2 cents!

  • Piston Honda

    I care about quality over quantity.

    Both sedition wars and KD give me both. I gave 800 for sedition wars and 500 for KD,

    despite getting a lot mor for sedition wars, I would be just as happy to get less minis if it meant to have higher quality minis, but Mcvey seems to have that handled anyway.

    Only thing I am disappointed in these 2 KS is the duplicate mini stretch goals. Rather than a 20 or 30k stretch goal and giving me another copy or twice as many of the same minis, I would rather have that money put towards a whole new mini and concept art.

    Or even towards more inspirational art in the rule book of the environment in the universe.

  • Veritas

    I think Adam is doing fine. He’s offering a quality product at a good price. In his last update he was speculating that he was going to have to sell the box ALONE at retail for about $115. And all the actual game expansions he’s offered us so far have been at half of what he’s going to charge at retail. I think some of you have to much of a feeling that you are entitled to everything free just because this is a Kickstarter. Not everyone can afford to pile on buckets of free stuff. Actually, I’d be VERY interested to hear just how much McVey or the Zombicide team actually MADE on their Kickstarters. I guess almost nothing if anything. I mean, each international Zombicide shipment caused them to eat like $20 because they underestimated costs. And then you have to realize that just breaking even on a KS is also dangerous because by selling pre-orders through KS you are severely cutting into your post-KS sales.

    So, again, I think Adam is doing a great job so far and that people really need to get the idea that a KS simply means mountains of free stuff they are entitled to for being a backer. And you know what? If you do feel uncomfortable with the lack of free stuff, don’t pledge. That’s the beauty of KS. If you think a project isn’t worth it you can show that by not backing.

    • Veritas

      “people really need to get (rid of) the idea that a KS simply means mountains of free stuff they are entitled to for being a backer.”

      edited my mistake

      • Grindar

        Kickstarter exclusives are what sell me on Kickstarters, personally. If you’re trying to get me to preorder the game and and at best giving a discount that would be matched by online retailers once you hit distribution anyways, no dice. I’ll wait for you to successfully produce the product. A useless hat or t-shirt or something isn’t gonna do it either. The extra minis/exclusives when talking about a board/minis game are what’s gonna sell it to more people, because it gives them a reason not to wait.

        I’m not saying mountains of free stuff, but it does certainly increase the appeal of the project. the $35 faction upgrades for Relic Knights got a lot more appealing once the extra minis got added without increasing the price point. doubling up the minions that come with the starter made those more appealing, and I bought a faction extra from what I was planning to use the bargain.

        • Veritas

          I think you might be getting hung up on perspective then. I backed Relic Knights as well and when those $25 or $35 add on packs were first announced I was totally uninterested because it simply looked like they were selling you those models at full retail. When the extras got added in I bought the Cersei and Black Diamond sets. Adam is doing the same things with his expansions except he’s not making you wait for extras to be added on to make them seem like a good deal. That dragon pack with armor sets, game cards, and the dragon itself is $30 right now. Adam says those will be $60 at retail. So Adam just gives us the straight expansion at 50% off rather than forcing us into a larger bundle of models to get the discount. I prefer Adam’s line of thought over Relic Knights on this point.

          • Tre Manor

            I think one thing that people are forgetting is that the costs to produce the ” free ” items do not change for the creators.

            We still have to pay the same amount of money for each item that goes in to the box whether we charge you for it or not. We must also still sort, pack and ship those parts. I understand that people want extra goodies and I encourage that sentiment BUT it must also be tempered with some realistic understanding of how far any creator can go with added ” freebies. ”

            Too many freebies and you just end up rolling back your original funding levels. Running a KS and then subsequent fulfillment of a KS is a VERY big job. And it only gets bigger with every new item and box that needs sorting, packing, and shipping.

          • TomasT

            Don’t underestimate gamers, man.

            Of course freebies costs money.

            My take on it is that with a kickstarter you should sell X number of games, and get the production going for extra copies.

            Look at ten of your gaming friends. If you backed, let’s say Zombicide, did they? Probably not. But if it is good at least one of them will buy it later on.
            THAT’s where Kickstarters should make the profit. Not from us that makes the game possible to start with.
            I don’t know if there is any statistics on this, but I’m pretty sure Zombicide hasn’t sold half of it’s total copies yet. That sale will take place in stores.

          • Soulfinger

            The store sale element may be an apples and oranges comparison though. There were established distribution channels for Zombicide through the affiliate publishers. Is KD the kind of game that an FLGS can order through Alliance, for example, or will it be direct distribution from the designer with perhaps the narrower profit margin that makes the standard manufacturer/distributor/retailer model unfeasible? Either way though, I’m sure the thing will fly off the shelves at GenCon.