Kingdom Death October Releases

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Nov 2nd, 2011

Kingdom Death announce new releases:

From their announcement:

Kingdom Death is excited to release 3 new miniatures on All Hallow’s Eve.
The Butcher is a limited run 35mm scale monster, a twisted revenant of a Forsaker consumed by the rage that once fueled his power.

The Sunstalker infant is a large creature monster that comes with a complete diorama depicting the human cult of worship that rears the Sunstalkers babies.

A 54mm Preacher pinup, a larger scale of the Preacher pinup model, with more provocative detail at a larger size.

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  • r3v3n63

    I know this isn’t for everyone and totally odd stuff but that is something that I really respect about Kingdom Death. Very unique idea and beautifully sculpted!

  • scarletsquig

    I’d always held a very strong (and vocal) opinion that there was no place for a cartoon tentacle frog vomiting over some naked ladies in my life.. but then this mini came along and changed everything.

    Simply brilliant!

  • It’s probably not for everyone but I love their miniatures. Both the amazing sculpts as the concepts of them.