Kingdom Death now taking pre-orders for The Gorm

Kingdom Death are now taking pre-orders for their latest fantasy miniature, The Gorm.

The Gorm

From their announcement:

Today marks a very proud moment in the history of Kingdom Death, our first monstrous creature. We previewed the Gorm at Salute 2010 and feedback was overwhelmingly “creepy” and “nightmarish”.

As a bonus for the first run collectors edition, we are including an alternate set of the Gorm’s wrinkly stubby-fingered hands to be configured as you like on its trunk-like legs, the extra set could make for a cool base ornament perhaps.

We are limiting this run to 100 casts to be jointly available from ourselves and our retail partners. Production for the Gorm has already begun and we will ship out pre-orders the moment we get them in.