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Kingdom Death new website celebration

Kingdom Death are celebrating their new website with a re-release of the Wet Nurse as well as several remastered figures. Updated: as expected, the Wet Nurse is sold out and Kingdom Death is now accepting back-orders for the figure. Remastered figures From their announcement:
The Kingdom Death website has been redesigned and improved. To celebrate the launch we have a special run of our most asked for miniature ever... the Wet Nurse! We also have remastered versions of a few of our digitally sculpted miniatures, solving some of the production issues we faced and printed on a new superior technology at about 400% the quality of the originals. As part of the celebration we have made the Remastered White Speaker a general release, finally added the Pinup Preacher whom only a handful of people have seen at this point and have one new release... the pinup white speaker. Everything is packaged into our new petite hand stamped boxes and comes with the artwork matte printed on cardstock