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Kingdom Death: Monster Pre-Orders Happening Now

Well, it's a day that many of us never thought would come. But it's finally here. Kingdom Death: Monster is about to ship from the manufacturer in China and make its way across to distribution centers and start heading out to backers. And in addition to backers, they are taking pre-orders as well. So if you want to get your set at ~33% off, you'll want to jump in on the pre-order, but you'll have to hurry. You only have a couple days.

The game will be $400 retail, but if you want to get it for just $275, make your pre-order on the Kingdom Death site before the end of the 19th of July (yeah, just 2 days away). Now, $400 is a lot of money (and certainly so is $275, but apparently the box weighs in at 17lbs. There's a 224 page rulebook, 17 sprues of minis, 10 dice, two pads for character sheets and settlement sheets, and over 1000 cards. Yeah... there's a lot in that box.